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Welcome to a seminar and 10 part video series that will help you uncover:

  • The gifts, talents and abilities that God designed for you
  • His specific plan for you.
  • How to retrieve them from your heart and make them a reality in your life!

Jim Worden
Founder, Christian Success Ministries

How to find God’s plan for your life?

✓ A 10 part video series that will unleash God’s purpose for your life and ministry.

✓ A course of study & action that will show you how to find God’s Plan for your life

You will uncover

✓ Two things that can hinder you from seeing God’s future for you.
✓ Two things that can block God’s blessings to you.
✓ Two things that will unlock God’s plan for your life.
✓ The “how to’s” to bring God’s plan into reality for you.

Your benefits

✓ Wake up each day greeting it with enthusiasm and energy!
✓ See anxiety and frustration as a thing of the past!
✓ See opportunities, daily, that will draw you to the fulfillment of God’s plan.
✓ Experience enthusiasm for life and others that you never had before!


Pastors, Youth Leaders,
Small Groups


Executives, Training Personnel, Personal Coaches


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Your Life” seminar


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“WOW!!! Last night’s discussion broke me loose from a dreadful image of myself that I have unknowingly developed in my heart. In our meeting, I began to see the negative image, tear it down and look to our Heavenly Father to replace that ugly figure with the image HE intended for me. This material is so powerful in so many ways and I don’t want any of us to miss out on this incredible life-changing opportunity.”

John O.

Within two and a half months of starting the program with Christian Success Ministries, I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. I have many other goals and dreams to achieve and have absolutely no doubt in my mind, or in my heart, that I can achieve these by using the techniques I learned from Christian Success Ministries.”

Marc T.